Before you start developing a strategy for your communications, marketing or media use you should do some thorough preparation. One of the first considerations should be the target group that generally means whom you want to address with your product or service, for whom is it useful.


Without a precise analysis of your target group and focusing your communication and marketing on these your efforts will run into nothing. It cannot reach the people you would like to reach.  


The impact of target groups is very high. They dictate which which colors your logo or product label should have and in which way it should be designed, how the texts should be worded, which media are the best to reach your potential clients and which content works well etc.


Answer the following questions as detailed as possible:


Are my (potential) clients business clients or end customers?


In which branch do these people work?


What’s the percentage of female and male persons?


How old are they?


Where do these people live?


Which professional characteristics do they have?


What are their notable traits of character?


What do these people value most?


Depending on the product or service you should modify or extend these questions, e. G. about hobbies, health issues or private life. The more and more detailed your questions are, the clearer becomes the image of your customers and the more targeted you can reach them via different communications tools.


I wish you lots of success defining your target groups!



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